MARK TWAIN FORUM: Survival Guide

Last updated: 28 August 1998



1. Introduction

2. Suggestions for students and Mark Twain researchers

3. Subscribing

4. Posting messages to the Forum

a. Appropriate postings

b. Where and how to send your message

c. Rejected postings

5. Decreasing your mail: digests

6. Getting a list of subscribers

7. Concealing your name on the subscriber list

8. Stopping mail from the Forum

a. Permanently

b. Temporarily

9. Browsing previous messages of the Forum

a. TwainWeb search engine

b. Monthly notebook files

c. LISTSERV database function

d. Ordering the log files by snail-mail

10. TwainWeb: The Forum's web page

11. Book notices on the Forum

12. How to find out about other LISTSERV lists

13. For more information about LISTSERV commands

14. Questions about the Forum?


1. Introduction

The Mark Twain Forum is for persons having a scholarly interest in the

life and writings of Mark Twain (1835-1910). Postings may include

queries, informal discussion, conference announcements, calls for

papers, information on new publications, or anything else that is

related to Mark Twain studies. The Forum has over 450 worldwide


Commercial postings are generally not welcome; for details, please read

the policy in Section 11. Moreover, students should not post requests

for help with research until they have investigated several basic

reference sources; Section 2 ("Suggestions for Mark Twain researchers")

contains a useful bibliography.

The Forum was founded in March 1992 by Taylor Roberts. It is one of

thousands of e-mail discussion groups that are operated on LISTSERV

software. While some of the commands below might not seem intuitive, they

conform to the well-known LISTSERV standard of operation, and so any time

spent learning them will allow you to apply them to other LISTSERV lists to

which you may be subscribed. Another (and perhaps more user-friendly)

way to access the Forum is via the LISTSERV/World Wide Web Gateway (see

Section 10).

Fortunately, learning all the LISTSERV commands described here is not a

prerequisite for using the Mark Twain Forum. All you really need to do

to get started is to send a SUBSCRIBE command (see Section 3). You

might have already subscribed to the Forum and are receiving this

document as a new subscriber. In this case, there is no need for you to

send another SUBSCRIBE command; you are already subscribed.

Instructions on how to post messages to the Forum are in Section 4. The

other sections of this document describe some commands that will let you

extend the usefulness of the Forum, and are good to have handy for

reference. You are therefore encouraged to print this document or save

it to disk, then, in order that you will have it available when necessary.

If you are not sure how to print/save messages on your system, and you

must delete these detailed instructions, you are strongly urged to at

least make a note of the command for signing off the list (see Section

8a), so that if you ever want to end your subscription you will be able to

do so.

The LISTSERV on which the Mark Twain Forum operates is available at any

time of the day or night, simply by sending various commands to the

following e-mail address:


This address is hereafter abbreviated as "LISTSERV". Some of the

commands in this document are cited within quotation marks. Send only

the text inside the quotes to LISTSERV; do not include the quotes

themselves in any commands you send. Also, the symbols "<" and ">" are

often used to enclose e-mail addresses in this document, but they should

not be included when you address messages.

A command takes the form of an e-mail message to LISTSERV containing a

single line, and a blank subject in the header. The command that you

want to execute should appear as the single line in the body of your

message to LISTSERV. LISTSERV is a computer, not a human, so you

should not sign your messages to LISTSERV with your name, or questions,

etc., as the computer will not understand your message. However, you do not

have to worry about making a mistake. If you make an error while

sending a command to LISTSERV, the computer will simply let you know

that it does not understand your command. Nothing worse than that will

happen, so do not be afraid to send commands to LISTSERV.

It is important to bear in mind the different uses for the LISTSERV

address cited above vs. the TWAIN-L address at the same node (discussed

in Section 4). All messages sent to TWAIN-L are redistributed to the

subscribers, so please be careful not to send a command like "INDEX

TWAIN-L" to the address TWAIN-L, since you will not achieve what you want.

If you have technical/computer problems and need help, send a private

message to the list administrator at <KEVB@PRODIGY.NET>, who will be

pleased to help as best he can, or else direct you to someone who can

help you.

The correct e-mail addresses for different functions are summarized

below, and are elaborated more fully throughout this document:





2. Suggestions for students and Mark Twain researchers

The following books represent a solid starting point for researching the

life and writings of Mark Twain. A familiarity with some of these books

will prevent you from posting a question to the Forum whose answer can

be found easily at the library; such questions _should_ be pursued at

your library before you post a query to the Forum, since the Forum is

not intended to be a reference service.

Before posting a query to the Forum, you should especially consult both

LeMaster and Wilson's _Mark Twain Encyclopedia_ and Rasmussen's _Mark

Twain A to Z_, since together these books comprise a recent and thorough

overview of Mark Twain studies.

When you post a research query, please indicate what sources you have

already investigated, as this will demonstrate that you have already

done the primary research, and will save respondents from suggesting

resources that you have already investigated.

Some good sources of articles on the life and writings of Mark Twain are

the bibliographies of the Modern Language Association (MLA) and

_America: History and Life_, which most libraries have, either in

printed or electronic format. Please consult your librarian. Thomas A.

Tenney's _Mark Twain: A Reference Guide_ is an excellent bibliography.

If you are trying to identify the source of a quote attributed to Mark

Twain, you should first check published collections of aphorisms. A

recent book that will be of help is _The Quotable Mark Twain_, edited

by R. Kent Rasmussen. An excellent source of quotes on the web is

Barbara Schmidt's collection, which may be found via Jim Zwick's

collection of web links; see Section 10.

If you are trying to determine whether Mark Twain met a certain person,

or where and when he was at a certain locale, you should check the

catalogs of his correspondence, edited by Paul Machlis.

To find out if Mark Twain read a particular book, you should check the

catalog of his reading compiled by Alan Gribben.

The most authoritative editions of Twain's writings are in two series

edited by the Mark Twain Project and published by the University of

California Press: _The Mark Twain Papers_ and _The Works of Mark Twain_.

In 1996, Oxford University Press issues the 29-volume set _The Oxford Mark Twain_ which includes all of Mark Twain's major works with original illustrations. Each volume also contains a Foreword by a prominent contemporary author, an Afterword by a noted Mark Twain scholar, an essay about the illustrations, and bibliographic notes by Robert H. Hirst, General Editor of the Mark Twain Project.

Finally, if your library does not have a book that you need, you

should be able to get it via interlibrary loan; please ask your


a. General reference

Ayres, Alex (ed.). _The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain_. New York:

Harper and Row, 1987. [Quotations.]

Gribben, Alan. _MT's Library: A Reconstruction_. 2 vols. Boston:

G. K. Hall & Co., 1980. [MT's reading.]

LeMaster, J.R., and James D. Wilson (eds.). _The MT Encyclopedia_.

New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1993.

Rasmussen, R. Kent. _Mark Twain A to Z: The Essential Reference to

His Life and Writings_. New York: Facts On File, 1995. New

York: Oxford University Press, 1996.

Rasmussen, R. Kent (ed.). _The Quotable Mark Twain: His Essential

Aphorisms, Witticisms and Concise Opinions_. Chicago: Contemporary

Books, 1998.

Wilson, James D. _A Reader's Guide to the Short Stories of MT_.

Boston: G. K. Hall & Co., 1987.

b. Biography

Kaplan, Justin. _Mr. Clemens and MT_. 1966.

_MT's Autobiography_. Ed. Albert Bigelow Paine. New York: Harper

and Brothers, 1924.

Paine, Albert Bigelow. _MT: A Biography_. Issued in 2-, 3-, and

4-volume sets. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1912.

c. Writings

_MT's Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches, & Essays_. Ed. Louis J.

Budd. 2 vols. New York: Library of America, 1992.

_MT's Notebooks & Journals_. 1855-1891. 3 vols. Ed. Frederick

Anderson et al. Berkeley: University of California Press:


_MT Speaking_. Ed. Paul Fatout. Iowa City: University of Iowa

Press, 1976. [Speeches.]

d. Correspondence

Machlis, Paul. _Union Catalog of Clemens Letters_. Berkeley:

University of California Press, 1986. Catalog of letters

written by Samuel Clemens.

Machlis, Paul. _Union Catalog of Letters to Clemens_. Berkeley:

University of California Press, 1992. Catalog of letters

written to Samuel Clemens.

_MT's Letters_. 2 vols. Ed. Albert Bigelow Paine. New York:

Harper and Brothers, 1917.

_MT's Letters_. Vol. 1, 1853-1866; vol. 2, 1867-1868; vol. 3,

1869; vol. 4, 1870-1871; vol. 5, 1872-73; more volumes

forthcoming. Eds. Edgar Marquess Branch et al. Berkeley:

University of California Press, 1987- .


e. Bibliography

Blanck, Jacob. _Bibliography of American Literature_. Vol. 2.


Johnson, Merle. _A Bibliography of the Works of MT_. Rev. ed.


Tenney, Thomas A. _MT: A Reference Guide_. Boston: G. K. Hall &

Co., 1977. Annual supplements appeared in _American Literary

Realism_ through 1983; subsequent supplements have appeared in

the _MT Circular_. An index to these supplements appears in

the _MT Circular_ starting with the March-June 1990 issue.


3. Subscribing

Send the command "SUBSCRIBE TWAIN-L your-full-name" to LISTSERV.

Upper/lower-case distinctions are relevant only for your name, which

will appear in the subscriber list in whatever combination of

upper/lower-case characters you type. An example SUBSCRIBE command is:

SUBSCRIBE TWAIN-L Mulberry Sellers

LISTSERV will send you a message asking you to confirm your

subscription; simply reply to the message, inserting "OK" as the first

line (as will be explained in the message that LISTSERV sends to you).

Thereafter, you will begin receiving postings immediately, i.e., whenever

another subscriber posts a message to the Forum. If you find that the

Forum is too busy for you, you can subscribe instead to the weekly

digest; see Section 5.

When you subscribe to the Mark Twain Forum, your name and e-mail address

become available to anyone who reviews the subscriber list (Section 6,

"Getting a list of subscribers"). If you inadvertently typed your name

in all capitals or lower-case (or if you made a typo) in your SUBSCRIBE

command, you can change your name in the subscriber list simply by

sending a new SUBSCRIBE command with your new name; there is no need to

sign off first.

The availability of the subscriber list is a service intended to help

you locate your colleagues' e-mail addresses (the purpose of the Forum,

after all, is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among

Twain scholars and enthusiasts), but if you are concerned about your

privacy, see Section 7, "Concealing your name on the subscriber list."


4. Posting messages to the Forum

a. Appropriate postings

All messages--short or long--that concern Mark Twain are welcome on

the Forum. Messages that do not directly concern this author are

more appropriately posted to a general literature mailing list.

Moreover, although many Forum subscribers are teachers, postings

about education, budget cuts, etc., should not be sent to the Forum

if they do not also explicitly concern Mark Twain studies.

Before posting a query about Mark Twain, please read Section 2

("Suggestions for Mark Twain researchers") and pursue some of the

titles listed there before posting your query; a question that can

be answered at the library should _not_ be posted to the Forum.

Commercial messages should not be posted to the Forum, unless they

concern a product that will interest Twain enthusiasts. In that

case, please send your commercial message to the list administrator in

order that it may be approved for posting. See Section 11 for


If you seem to have stopped receiving mail from the Forum and are

concerned about whether you are subscribed, do not post a message

asking, in effect, "Is anyone out there?" There are often several

consecutive days in which nobody posts any messages. To satisfy

yourself that you are still subscribed, you should retrieve the

current month's notebook file (see Section 9a) to tally the

official log of messages with the messages that you have lately

received. You can also retrieve the list of subscribers (Section

6) to see if your name is still there. If you are still in doubt

about whether you are subscribed to the Forum and are receiving all

postings, send mail to the list administrator. Mail delivery problems

should not become the topic of the Forum.

The Forum has a policy of semi-moderation. All new subscribers

will have their postings sent to the list administrator for approval

before they appear. This policy is mainly intended to block spams

(massive cross-postings and commercial messages), but also to

ensure that postings respect some of the netiquette described in

this guide. When it is clear that you have a genuine interest in

Mark Twain (which is usually determined after your first posting),

the list administrator will set your subscription to NOREVIEW mode. You

will not receive notification of this change, but thereafter your

messages will be posted directly to the Forum without anyone's

intervention. To find out if your messages are being reviewed,

send the command "QUERY TWAIN-L" to LISTSERV.

It is important that everyone use the Forum as it is intended to be

used, and not clutter it with messages that may be frustrating to

many of the members. When you are in doubt about whether your

message is appropriate, please send it to the list administrator for

approval before posting it to the Forum.


b. Where and how to send your message

To post a message to be redistributed to the other subscribers,

send your message to the following address:


This address is abbreviated in this document as "TWAIN-L". (The

suffix "-L" stands for "list", and is quite commonly used for

mailing lists like the Forum.)

Your message is likely to be read seriously by subscribers if it is

neatly formatted. Specifically, each line of text should begin at

column 0, and the right margin of your message should not go much

farther beyond column 75, otherwise the text will straddle line

breaks and become difficult to read. Avoid typing your message in

all capitals (which, in e-mail discourse, is the equivalent of

SHOUTING) or in all lower-case letters.

Please sign the bottom of your message with your full name and e-

mail address, since other subscribers' e-mail systems may not show

this information otherwise.

When replying to a message, do not quote the full original message

in your reply. Similarly, do not include a long signature file

that contains telephone numbers, quotations, and so on. Long sigs

make the Forum logs unnecessarily large, making them require more

time and resources to search, print, and download. An adequate

signature contains only your name, e-mail address, and (if desired)

your affiliation.

You will receive a copy of your own posting as confirmation that it

was successfully distributed (as well as a short, technical note

from LISTSERV indicating that "your mail file has been

distributed"). Please be patient while waiting for your message to

arrive, since mail can sometimes move slowly if nodes are down

between TWAIN-L and your site.

Be careful not to send a private message to TWAIN-L, since everyone

else will see it; private messages should be sent directly to the

intended recipient (including short notes that say only "Thanks,"

or "Well said!"). Public exchange of Twainian messages between

individuals is encouraged, however, as this is the purpose of the

Forum. Note, in particular, that the default "reply-to" address is

TWAIN-L, not the message author's address.

The answers to many Twainian questions can be found in the TWAIN-L

database. Knowing what has already been discussed can prevent you

from asking an old question and being frustrated at the lack of

response. Before posting a question to TWAIN-L, you are therefore

encouraged to use the database to investigate this possibility--not

because discussion on the Forum is discouraged, but merely because

searching the archives is often the fastest way to find the

information you want. For details on how to search the archives,

see Section 9, "Browsing previous messages of the Forum."


c. Rejected postings

Occasionally, a posting to the Forum is rejected by LISTSERV; this

could happen for one of three reasons. First, if you are replying

to another subscriber's posting to the Forum and are quoting the

original writer's message in your reply, you must edit out the

original message's header (if your system indeed includes it with

the rest of the quoted message--not all systems do so). Messages

sent to TWAIN-L that contain header information create an error (by

some quirk of the LISTSERV software) and are rejected.

Second, please note that you must have sent a SUBSCRIBE command

(see Section 3, "Subscribing") before you are allowed to post a

message to TWAIN-L. This subscribers-only posting policy is

intended to block the get-rich-quick letters that are massively

cross-posted (with increasing frequency) to LISTSERV lists by non-


Your posting will be rejected is if your node name has changed

since you subscribed. Although your old node name can be used to

receive messages from elsewhere on the Internet (since messages

sent to the old address may be forwarded to you by your system long

after your current node name has changed), your outgoing messages

will invariably bear your new node name. This results in the odd

situation that you will appear to be a subscriber of the MT Forum--

since postings continue to arrive safely in your account--but you

will not be recognized as a subscriber for the purposes of sending

your own messages to the list, since your current node name will

not appear in the subscriber list; only your old node name will

appear there. In such a case, the list administrator must sign off

your old address manually, and you will need to send a new SUBSCRIBE

command to LISTSERV in order that your new address can be

registered in the subscriber list. Should you need assistance,

contact the list administrator at <KEVB@PRODIGY.NET>, who will

attempt to fix the problem.


5. Decreasing your mail: digests

When you initially subscribe to the Forum, the default setting for your

subscription is that you will receive messages as soon as they are

posted. While the Forum averages one posting per day, some days are

busier than others. If you prefer not to receive individual list

messages as they are posted, you can set your account to "digest" mode.

Rather than receiving individual messages as they are posted, you will

receive a weekly compilation of postings, sent to you in a single

message with a summary of subjects at the top. You will receive the

same number of postings as you normally would, except that they will be

consolidated into a single message each week, and sent to you on Monday


To receive weekly digests, send the command "SET TWAIN-L DIGEST" to

LISTSERV. Should you wish to resume receiving messages as they appear,

send the command "SET TWAIN-L NODIGEST".


6. Getting a list of subscribers

Send the command "REVIEW TWAIN-L". This will return a list of

subscribers, sorted alphabetically by e-mail node. To get a list of

subscribers sorted (roughly) by last name, send instead the command

"REVIEW TWAIN-L BY NAME". Alternatively, you may send the slightly

longer command "REVIEW TWAIN-L BY COUNTRY". This returns the same list

of subscribers, but it will be primarily sorted by subscribers'

countries, and secondarily sorted by e-mail node.


7. Concealing your name on the subscriber list

If you do not want to have your name and e-mail address shown to people

who issue the REVIEW command described in the previous section, you can

customize your subscription to do this. Just send the command "SET

TWAIN-L CONCEAL". To have your name reappear on the subscriber list,

send the command "SET TWAIN-L NOCONCEAL".


8. Stopping mail from the Forum

a. Permanently

Send the command "SIGNOFF TWAIN-L". This should stop your

subscription immediately, but do not be alarmed if you receive a

couple of Forum messages a day or so later, since some messages may

have been held up at other nodes on their way to you, before you

sent the SIGNOFF command. If you find that you still seem to be

subscribed several days later, resend the SIGNOFF command.

If your system's node name has changed since you subscribed to the

Forum, LISTSERV might not be able to locate your subscription

address. For example, if you originally subscribed from an address

like <SALLY@NODENAME.BITNET>, and your system was subsequently

reconfigured so that your node name had taken a different form

(e.g., <SALLY@NODENAME.NODE.EDU>), your later attempts to signoff

from the Mark Twain Forum will not be successful, since your

current address will not appear in the subscriber list. In this

case, just send a message to the list administrator at

<KEVB@PRODIGY.NET>, who can sign you off manually. Before

doing so, though, you should determine in advance the address under

which you originally subscribed to the Forum by issuing a REVIEW

command (as described in Section 6); please find your name and

subscription address in the list of subscribers that will be

returned by the REVIEW command, and then ask the list administrator at

<KEVB@PRODIGY.NET> to delete that address.

Always contact the list administrator directly if you are having problems

signing off; please do not post a public request to TWAIN-L.


b. Temporarily

Suppose you are only going away for the summer, and you do not want

your unattended e-mail account to fill up with messages--but you

still want your name to appear in the list of subscribers. The

best command in this case is "SET TWAIN-L NOMAIL". This will tell

TWAIN-L to stop sending you Forum postings, but your name will

still appear as a subscriber when someone issues the "REVIEW

TWAIN-L" command (discussed above).

This alternative has the advantage that your Twainian colleagues

will still be able to locate your e-mail address if they want to

write to you, and--if you are a member of the Mark Twain Circle of

America--your listing on TWAIN-L will ensure that your e-mail

address also appears in the periodic directory of members that

James Leonard publishes in the _Mark Twain Circular_.

To resume receiving mail from the Forum, send the command "SET



9. Browsing previous messages of the Forum

a. TwainWeb search engine

There are several methods of browsing the archives for previously

posted messages, but the best and fastest method is to use the

search engine on the Mark Twain Forum's website, the TwainWeb at:

The search engine is located in the "Archives" section. Searches can

be conducted by subject, date range or name of sender. An on-line

help file contains search tips for beginners and advanced users.

For more details about the TwainWeb, see Section 10.


b. Monthly notebook files

Every message posted to TWAIN-L is automatically stored in a log

file on LISTSERV. A new file begins every month. To get an index

of the files available, send the command "INDEX TWAIN-L". LISTSERV

will send you an index of the filenames and their start dates. The

filenames take the form "TWAIN-L LOG9207", where "92" represents

the year, and "07" represents the month, i.e., July. To retrieve

this file, you would issue the command "GET TWAIN-L LOG9207". The

file that is sent contains all the messages that were posted to the

Forum in July 1992.


c. LISTSERV database function

If you only want to pinpoint messages that contain a specific

keyword, and you do not need to do this very often, you can have

LISTSERV do the work without your having to retrieve entire monthly

notebooks and search them yourself. If you want to find out if

_Huckleberry Finn_ and issues of race have already been discussed,

for example, just send the following command to LISTSERV:

search huck race in twain-l

LISTSERV will return an index of all of messages, sorted

chronologically, and the contexts of your keyword(s) in the

messages will also be shown. To retrieve the full text of the

messages, just send a GETPOST command, as per the explanation in

the message that LISTSERV sends you.

You can use logical operators, date boundaries, and other fancy

things to define your search more narrowly. For more information

on LISTSERV's database functions, please read the documentation

that is available on the web; see Section 13.


d. Ordering the log files by snail-mail

If you find that you often need to search through previous messages, it

might be a good idea to request all of the log files individually,

then download them to your personal computer. This has two

advantages. First, it allows you to search TWAIN-L postings much

faster than if you had to connect to a remote computer and send

interactive messages via e-mail. Second, you can use a search

program that you might be more accustomed to, e.g., the search

command in your word processor.

The entire list archive has grown to nearly five megabytes--making

it unwieldy to download all of the files--and so the Forum list

administrator will be pleased to send the files to you on IBM 3-1/2"

floppy disks via snail-mail. If you would like to receive the

entire list archives, five disks are required. Send the disks to

the list administrator with a self-addressed, stamped disk mailer and

three formatted (but blank) disks. Please weigh your disks and

mailer at the post office before sending them, in order to ensure

that you have included adequate return postage.

For subscribers outside of the United States only--who will have

problems getting U.S. postage stamps--please send the self-

addressed mailer and disks, and a money order (drawn on a U.S.

bank) in the amount of $15.00 U.S., as this should be adequate to

cover the postage to most destinations. Any unused portion of your

money order will be returned to you in the form of a U.S. personal


Please test your disks before sending them. If your formatted

disks are unreadable to the list administrator's computer, he will try to

reformat them, but there is no guarantee that they will then be

readable by your computer.


10. TwainWeb: The Forum's web page

TwainWeb, the web service of the Forum, may be found at the following


This site has a searchable database of all previous Forum postings, Forum

books reviews, articles contributed by Forum members, a vendor page

offering discounts to Forum members, a photo gallery of members and Twain

sites, and links to the Web sites mentioned in this guide. There is also

a link to a LISTSERV gateway, from which you can easily execute many of the

commands described in this guide.

TwainWeb does not strive to link to every Twain resource or electronic

text of his writing. However, there is a link to Jim Zwick's excellent

"Mark Twain Resources on the World Wide Web"; this site is comprehensive,

and continuously updated, and so surfing will best begin there.


11. Book notices on the Forum

Commercial messages should not be posted to the Forum without first

having been sent to the list administrator for approval. This policy applies

equally to book sellers and vendors of other products or services.

Publishers are allowed to post to the Forum one advertisement per book,

provided that:

a. the book (or other product) is likely to interest subscribers

b. the usual trade discount is offered to subscribers (as a courtesy

in exchange for the free advertising)

Book reviews are also regularly arranged; publishers appreciate reviews

on the Forum, since they generally appear faster than reviews in print

media, and they also reach a specialized audience that wants to be

informed of the latest Twain publications. Books to be considered for

review may be sent to the review editor, Taylor Roberts

<>, at the following address:

Taylor Roberts

Review editor, Mark Twain Forum

Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Room E39-245

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA 02139


12. How to find out about other LISTSERV lists

To find other lists of interest, try a keyword search in the LISTSERV

database, which may be found at the following URL:

For yet another avenue for discussion of virtually any topic--literary

or otherwise--you should ask your system administrators if your site

carries Usenet newsgroups. There are thousands of newsgroups, many of

which are likely to interest you.


13. For more information about LISTSERV commands

If you are intrigued by the above commands and want to learn others,

there is documentation in a number of formats is available at the

following URL:

The features outlined above should suggest that if you are only reading

the daily messages from the Mark Twain Forum, you are not taking full

advantage of the resources that are available. For many people, the

ability to locate colleagues' e-mail addresses and to search previous

postings for topics of interest is at least as valuable as the Forum's

day-to-day mail.


14. Questions about the Forum?

If you have questions about the Forum, or if any of the above is

cryptic, just send me a message and I will be happy to help as best I can.

Please send technical questions to my personal e-mail address (given

below)--not to the list (TWAIN-L)--so that we can keep traffic on

TWAIN-L restricted to the discussion of Mark Twain.

Kevin J. Bochynski


List Administrator,

Mark Twain Forum

[Thanks to York University for providing the services necessary to run

the Forum, and to Rick Broadhead, co-author of the _Canadian Internet

Handbook_ and the _Canadian Internet Directory_ (Scarborough: Prentice

Hall)--among other Internet guides--for serving as its technical