Ilasco Reunion Dinner, Hannibal, MO, May 27, 2000.
Author Meets Mark Twain Forum Reviewer

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Professor/author Dr. Gregg Andrews and Mark Twain Forum book reviewer Mary Leah Christmas at the Ilasco Reunion Dinner, Hannibal, Missouri, 27 May 2000. In attendance were Ilasco School alumni, friends, residents and former residents

Dr. Gregg Andrews, Professor of History at Southwest Texas State University, is presented with a Mark Twain Forum t-shirt.

The Ilasco Historical Marker fundraiser table, selling Ilasco coffee mugs as well as postcards with a special cancellation commemorating the opening of the Ilasco post office in 1903.

Many photo collages were on display.

The displays attracted much attention. Also available for viewing was a binder of large black-and-white photos showing construction at the Atlas Portland Cement plant.

The reviewer of _City of Dust_ and _Insane Sisters_ visits the Ilasco Historical Marker, which was dedicated in October 1999. The monument is the culmination of efforts by the Historical Marker Committee and other interested parties.

Close-up of the left-front of the monument.

The centerpiece plaques consist of a passage written by Dr. Gregg Andrews and a summary of Ilasco?s history provided by the Historical Marker Committee.

Close-up of the right-front of the monument.

Detail - back of monument

Detail - back of monument

Detail - back of monument

The Ilasco jail, built in 1909.

Inside the jail. Entrance on the left and cells on the right.

The grocery/tavern building bears the markings of days gone by.

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