The original editors of the Works of Mark Twain

The first conference of editors of the Iowa-California Edition of the Works of Mark Twain, at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, 10-11 July 1964.

The Works of Mark Twain was conceived by John Gerber in Iowa City in 1961 and was organized in 1962. (See Victor Fischer's entry on the "Mark Twain Project," p. 495 in The Mark Twain Encyclopedia.)

First Row: Hennig Cohen (Pennsylvania), Warner Barnes (Iowa), Walter Blair (Chicago), Gladys Bellamy (Southwestern State College, Okla.), Roger Salomon (Case-Western Reserve)

Second Row: Ed Barber (Harper representative), William Todd (Texas-Austin), Arlin Turner (Duke), William Gibson (New York University), Franklin Rogers (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Alan Bates (Chicago?)

Third Row: Howard Baetzhold (Butler U.), Hamlin Hill (Wyoming), James Willams (Fairleigh Dickinson), Louis Budd (Duke), John Gerber (Iowa), Paul Baender (Iowa), Edgar Branch (Miami of Ohio), Albert Stone (Emory), Frederick Anderson (Editor, Mark Twain Papers, Berkeley)

Absent: Leon Dickinson (Missouri-Columbia), Lewis Leary (Columbia)

Now deceased: Hennig Cohen. Gladys Bellamy, Walter Blair, William Gibson, Lewis Leary, Arlin Turner, Frederick Anderson

University designations are those at which the editors were teaching at the time. The Mark Twain Forum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Dr. Howard G. Baetzhold, who provided the scan of this image and the information about this historic photograph.

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