The State of Mark Twain Studies conference, 1997

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The Center for Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College (Elmira, NY) hosted The State of Mark Twain Studies conference on 14-16 August 1997. Many members of the Mark Twain Forum attended, and everyone had a fantastic time. Gretchen Sharlow and Mark Woodhouse and their staff at Elmira College organized a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable conference.

Thanks to Kevin J. Bochynski and R. Kent Rasmussen for the photos on these pages.

Everett Emerson, Pegge Bochynski, and Kevin Bochynski

Joe McCullough and Taylor Roberts enjoy a pedantic beer while discussing the relative merits of their complementary facial hair

Peter Messent, Kent Rasmussen, Kathy Rasmussen, and Peter Stoneley

Bob Slotta and Mark Dawidziak

After having obtained several complimentary review copies of Kent Rasmussen's Mark Twain A to Z during the last few years, Taylor Roberts finally buys a copy from the author; Kathy Rasmussen and Pegge Bochynski serve as witnesses

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