Mark Twain Birthplace State Historic Site
37352 Shrine Road
Florida, MO  65283

Library Wants List
October 14, 2011 

Please contact:
if you wish to donate any of the following titles to the
Mark Twain Birthplace in Florida, Missouri.

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Bird, John.
Mark Twain and Metaphor
Camfield, Gregg.
Sentimental Twain: Samuel Clemens in the Maze of Moral Philosophy
Coulombe, Joseph L.
Mark Twain and the American West
Csicsila, Joseph and Chad Rohman, eds.
Centenary Reflections on Mark Twain's No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger
Fulton, Joe B.
Mark Twain's Ethical Realism: The Aesthetics of Race, Class, and Gender
Knoper, Randall.
Acting Naturally: Mark Twain in the Culture of Performance
Mensh, Elaine, and Harry Mensh.
Black, White and Huckleberry Finn:  Re-Imagining the American Dream
Messent, Peter.
The Short Works of Mark Twain: A Critical Study
Oggel, Terry L.
"Speaking Out About Race: 'The United States of Lyncherdom' Clemens Really Wrote"
Quirk, Tom.
Mark Twain and Human Nature
Rasmussen, R. Kent, ed.
Critical Insights: Mark Twain
Vogel, Dan.
Mark Twain's Jews
Wolfson, Nicholas.
Huckleberry Finn: Antidote to Hate

Bush, Harold, K. Jr.
Mark Twain and the Spiritual Crisis of His Age
Courtney, Steve. 
Joseph Hopkins Twichell:  The Life and Times of Mark Twain's Closest Friend
Hoffmann, Donald.
Mark Twain in Paradise: His Voyages to Bermuda
Loving, Jerome.
Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens
Morris, Roy Jr.
Lighting Out for the Territory:  How Samuel Clemens Headed West and Became Mark Twain
Perry, Mark.
Grant and Twain
Skandera-Trombley, Laura.
Mark Twain in the Company of Women
Dawidziak, Mark (ed.)
Mark My Words: Mark Twain on Writing
Fishkin, Shelley Fisher (ed.) 
The Oxford Mark Twain
Rachels, David (ed.)
Mark Twain's Civil War
Mark Twain's Book of Animals, edited by Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Zwick, Jim (ed.)
Mark Twain's Weapons of Satire: Anti-Imperialist Writings on the Philippines-American War

Camfield, Gregg.
The Oxford Companion to Mark Twain

Fears, David.
Mark Twain Day By Day: Vol II 1886-1896
Fears, David.
Mark Twain Day By Day Vol III 1897-1904 

LeMaster, J. R., and James D. Wilson (eds.) Mark Twain Encyclopedia
Rasmussen R. Kent.
Critical Companion to Mark Twain: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work 

Engel, Elliot.
Mark Twain: A Light and Enlightening Look

Children and education
Leonard, James S. (ed.),
Making Mark Twain Work in the Classroom