Charles Pierce's
Television Appearances
and Interviews

The Dean Martin RoastAppeared as "Joan Collins"
The Merv Griffin ShowAppeared as "Bette Davis"
The Mike Douglas ShowAppeared as "Queen Elizabeth"
"Midday" with Bill BoggsInterviewed four times
"A.M. New York"
with Regis and Kathy Lee
Interviewed three times
The Regis Philbin Show (Cable)Appeared three times
The Dick Cavett ShowAppeared in costume and as himself
CBS "Nightwatch"Interviewed by Diane Sawyer
L.A. Film Critics Award ShowAppeared as "Bette Davis"
"Live at Five" (NYC)Appeared as himself with Liz Smith
"People Are Talking"
(San Francisco)
Appeared as himself with Bea Arthur
"Front Row Video"
(San Francisco)
Appeared as himself and "Bette Davis"
Three Spots for Suicide PreventionAppeared as "Bette Davis," "Mae West,"
and Katharine Hepburn"
"Photoplay"Appeared as himself
"A.M. San Francisco"Appeared as "Joan Collins" and as himself three times
"Steve Edwards Show"
(Los Angeles)
Interviewed with "Props
"Comedy Break"Appeared as "Joan Collins"
"Comedy Tonight"Appeared as "Bette Davis"and interviewed as himself
"Good Sex with Doctor Ruth"Interviewed as himself with "Props"
"Breakaway" (TV)Seen backstage at The Mayfair Music Hall,
Santa Monica
"Dragtime" (HBO)Appeared as himself with clips from past shows

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