Excerpts from Peter Mintun's Interview
with Charles from "Music in the Air"
April 23,1983

Charles Pierce and Peter Mintun


These sound clips appear with the kind permission of Peter Mintun. They were furnished by David Fowler of the Museum of the City of San Francisco. An additional clip from this interview (in mp3 format) featuring Charles as Jack Benny and Marlene Dietrich may be heard at:


Technical Notes:

The following files require the latest version of the Real Audio G2 Player and are in SureStream format. The files should open and play as they are being transferred. If they do not, or you receive an error message, you most likely do not have Real Player installed or do not have the most recent version.

Hear Peter Mintun and Charles - Mae West
(Requires Real Audio G2 Player)

Hear Peter Mintun and Charles - Norma Desmond
(Requires Real Audio G2 Player)

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